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The project developed is about relationships of affection and architecture, as an emancipatory practice.

The research is being developed as graduation work. Affection arises through involvement in the Project ‘Escola em Uganda’, in Kikajjo, a rural village in Uganda, East Africa. There we met Jajja Imaculate, a 75-year old lady of great strength and faith, Rose's and Gift’s  grandmother. We drew and discussed a house together. The architecture of the house will not only be a home for Jajja, but an emancipatory practice questioning gender roles, where the building process will be done through construction workshops for women.

Like Jajja, women in the village of Kikajjo taken care of everyone, but strong women also need to be taken care ofr and return to their inner homes. The female voices of the rural village of Kikkajo are not the only ones that are not being heard. Rural women are all over the world working as a fundamental human force to sustain our system.

Jajja’s house project starts with the prototype in Kikajjo, but has the possibility and intention to replicate for women and their homes around the world.